Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne is the clinical director of Origins Health Care in Sugar Land, Texas. He is a Doctor of pastoral science, and a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist.  

Often times referred to as “The Gluten Free Warrior”, he is one of the most sought after alternative and nutritional experts in the world. His practice is centered on helping nutritionally support those with painful chronic degenerative and autoimmune problems using natural methods. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on gluten sensitivity, and lectures nationally to both the public as well as doctors on this and many other nutritionally related topics. He is the founder Gluten Free Society, the author of The Gluten Free Health Solution and The Glutenology Health Matrix, a series of digital videos and ebooks designed to help educate the world about gluten. In addition, he is the author of the best selling book, No Grain No Pain, published by Touchstone (Simon & Schuster)  

Dr. Osborne has served as the executive director and the vice president for the American Clinical Board of Nutrition. He is on the advisory board for Functional Medicine University.  

He has been featured in or on Fox News, CBS, PBS, Celiac.com, The Gluten Summit, Radio MD, The People’s Pharmacy Radio, Underground Wellness, Muscle & Fitness Hers, The Journal of Gluten Sensitivity, and many other nationally recognized publications.

Ann Louise Gittleman

Ann Louise Gittleman

As a nutritional visionary and health pioneer, Ann Louise Gittleman has fearlessly stood on the front lines of diet and detox, the environment, and women’s health for more than forty years. Described by Self Magazine as one of the Top Ten Notable Nutritionists in the United States, thousands of nutritionists, health coaches, and practitioners have benefited from her work. 

As The First Lady of Nutrition & a multiple award winning author of over 35 books, she continues to break new ground in functional medicine and is ready to share how she built her brand from the ground up and stayed relevant in the industry for more than four decades.  

Topic: Being Your Brand  

Talking points:  

How to make YOU your brand Creating a niche so people KNOW that you exist Teaching those who are new to the industry HOW to get out there Describing what I did (wrote books, created mission statement, came up with a motto, etc)

Dr. Eric Zielinski

The National Bestselling Author of The Healing Power of Essential Oils, Dr. Eric Zielinski has pioneered natural living and biblical health education since 2003.

Trained as an aromatherapist, public health researcher, and chiropractor, Dr. Z started DrEricZ.com in 2014 to help people learn how to use natural remedies like essential oils safely and effectively. With more than 1 million page views each month, it has become the #1 source for biblical health and non-branded essential oils education online. An accomplished researcher with several publications and conference proceedings, Dr. Z lives in Atlanta with his wife and four children. 

Using Essential Oils to Take Your Functional Medicine Practice to the Next Level

Essential oils are one of the hottest health trends in the market today and research suggests exponential growth through the mid-2020s. This is paramount for FM practitioners to understand because, as the profession continues to position itself in the marketplace as the “go-to” holistic health care provider, more patients will expect their providers to have a sound understanding of popular natural therapies – particularly essential oils. When applied correctly, research suggests that there are virtually no side effects to using essential oils in the chiropractic office setting and when recommended for home use. However, FM practitioners must be aware of safety risks, contraindications and potential drug interactions. This lecture will cover all of these topics (and more) to equip FM practitioners to confidently use essential oils in their offices and best practices on when (and when not) to recommend them to patients.  

Lecture Outline:  

• Introduction • Brief aromatherapy history • What the FM practitioner needs to know about product manufacturing, sourcing & purity • Application and use in the FM practice setting • Recommendations for home use • Indicators to monitor & track patient progress • Known contraindications Suspected contraindications Pediatrics & Special Populations Drug • • Interactions • Key trends in the industry FM practitioners need to know about  

Dr Wayne Sodano

Dr. Wayne L. Sodano

Dr. Wayne L. Sodano is a Board Certified Chiropractic Internist, Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner who has practiced and taught post graduate programs since 1985. He is a former instructor with the American Board of Chiropractic Internists, currently dedicates his time to research and development in the areas of integrative and functional medicine, and teaches distance learning and live post graduate programs nationwide and internationally. He also serves as the Director of Clinical Support and Education with Evexia Diagnostics, a professional laboratory and diagnostic services company that also offers a multitude of services to physicians.

Topic: Integrative and Functional Medicine Perspective of Thyroid Dysfunction

The main focus of this lecture is to provide an integrative and functional medicine perspective on the etiology of thyroid dysfunction.  

• Overview of the potential contributing factors to thyroid dysfunction • A review of inappropriate methylation as it relates to thyroid function • The ‘must know’ basic and advanced laboratory tests for successful addressing thyroid dysfunction • A review of gastrointestinal PCR testing • A review of iron deficisiny as it relates to chronic inflammation and thyroid dysfunction • Hypothyroidism: Clinical and laboratory check list for suspected or known hypothyroidism  

Objectives – Attendees will be able to:  

 • Understand the value of basic and advanced laboratory test as it relates to thyroid hormone metabolism.


Pete Vargas

Pete Vargas

Since 2003, Pete Vargas and his team have booked over 25,000 events that have generated more than $40 million in revenue—and reached tens of millions of people through the speakers and organizations they serve.  

Pete is the Founder and CEO of Advance Your Reach, a company that helps speakers, authors, entrepreneurs and organizations find and book stages, so they can share their message and scale their expertise to the world.

Chris Zaino

Dr. Chris Zaino

As a visionary leader and internationally-acclaimed speaker, Dr. Zaino has spread the wellness message globally for the past four years. He dedicates his life to help improve and help people transform their lives and maximize their potential.

Dr. Zaino’s experience and decorated career speak volumes of his knowledge base and concern for healthy living. An avid researcher, Dr. Zaino consistently and passionately teaches his patients on Function, Food, Fitness, Finances, and Future. Through many life experiences, like becoming Mr. America in 1998 and facing a life threatening disease, he is seasoned and experienced with the ups and downs people experience with the human body.

Facing Your Secret Identity 

The hero’s greatest opponent is rarely the villain; it’s the secret identity no one cares to know or challenge. Our heroic potential clashes with the status quo of our secret identity. How do you find the courage to fight your Secret Identity and realize your full heroic potential? Fears, Fogs, and Failing to Realize Your Dreams Fears and fogs represent what's holding us back from following our dreams. It's what causes us to lose self-esteem and confidence. These may be limiting beliefs, lack of technical expertise, anything you can use as an excuse not to realize your dreams. Dr. Zaino's step-by-step battle plan helps break through fears and fogs so you can reach your heroic potential.  

Dr. Matthew Loop

Dr. Matthew Loop is the international best selling author of Social Media Made Me Rich: Here's How it Can Do the Same for You, a Harvard speaker, philanthropist, and the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. He helps doctors and professionals multiply their influence, impact, and monthly income by harnessing powerful platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. 

Since social media's infancy in 2005 he's trained over 8,200 clients in 25 countries. Another 20,000+ have watched his free practice growth videos and downloaded his Facebook marketing cheat sheet.

Dr. Jack Wolfson

After ten years performing angiograms, pacemakers, and other cardiac procedures, Dr. Wolfson started TheDrsWolfson.com in 2012 to offer people the ultimate in holistic heart care and a different path than the standard cardiology pills and procedures.  

Together with his wife, Dr. Heather Wolfson DC, they are The Drs. Wolfson. Their website TheDrsWolfson.com is an excellent resource for holistic health and lifestyle information.  

Chandler Bolt

Chandler is the host of the Self Publishing School podcast & the author of 6 bestselling books including his most recent book titled “ Published. ”. He’s also the founder & CEO of Self-Publishing School , the #1 online resource for writing your first book. Through his books, podcast, training videos, and Self-Publishing School, he’s helped thousands of people on their journey to writing their book.

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