Functional Medicine Success


February 16 - 18, 2018 | Sugar Land, TX

Event Details

At the Functional Medicine Success Summit, you will gain access to ideas strategies, marketing concepts that will evolve your practice to new heights. You will make personal connections with doctors and people not available anywhere else in our industry that will help you to exponentially grow your Functional Medicine Practice.

FMSS is dedicated to helping doctors and other health care practitioners get connected and gain access to the top clinical and business experts in our profession.

This year, the 6th Annual Functional Medicine Success Summit is dedicated to helping you create a predictable marketing system that will increase your income while allowing you to help & reach more people with the power of Functional Medicine.

Seating is limited. Last year’s event sold out, and we had to turn people away.

Why Attend?

You will gain access to ideas strategies, marketing concepts that will evolve your practice to new heights

Learn From The Leaders

Attend the Functional Medicine Success Summit to learn from an elite group of doctors, entrepreneurs, innovators, & marketing experts who practice what they preach. These speakers are 7 figure earners in their practices and health businesses.

Expand Your Network

Network with the top leaders in functional medicine. Attending allows you to literally converse with the “Best of the Best” The connections you make will accelerate your success.

Grow Your Business

FMSS is a one of a kind event that delivers the “business secrets” of the most successful doctors and health care providers in our profession. No other event in our industry focuses on building a better practice.

A Word From Our Past Attendees

Not only are the speakers of high regard, our attendees are also some of the best and brightest. They know that the best way to grow is to be around like minded successful individuals.

Frank Tortorice, MD,

“I have been in Peter’s Mentoring Group for nearly one year and attended his Market Functional Medicine Seminar in Los Angeles last January. I have started my business conversion to Functional Medicine basically from scratch so I was at quite a disadvantage compared to other doctors who were able to grow their on line business much faster.

That being said, I am well on my way to realizing substantial growth in the next 6 months...”

Drew Christensen, MD

“Dr. Osborne has been an inspiration to me. Coming from traditional medicine into a functional medicine mind set is extremely hard. Dr. Osborne has helped me see the business of medicine in an entire new light. His coaching has helped me break out of my shell and do things I never dreamed of doing before. With his help, I am able to provide functional medicine to more and more people. I am truly grateful for his patience and persistence with me!”

Dr. George Moon

“Dr. Osborne, you have done a sterling work putting together a program that is practical and comprehensive in the application of functional medicine in clinical practice. I have been in practice 47 years and have been working in clinical nutrition and functional medicine for 37 of those years. You present a lot of wheels that will not have to be re-invented and helping us to avoid a lot of struggle.”

Dr. Arland Hill

“Dr. Osborne, is a marketing expert that has helped me build out my practice tremendously. If you have a practice that focuses on Functional Medicine, this is without a doubt the best summit that will grow your practice.”